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2021 Fundraising

Sorry we have been neglecting this site over the past year or so - lots has been happenning as I am sure we all know. Over the next while, I will try to get the content here updated, and to begin:

Obviously, fundraising has been difficult with the pandemic. Scouts Canada has created two 'self service' online fundraising options - one for Scouts Coffee and the other for Scouts Popcorn. In order to help fundraise for 1st Tsartlip, all you need to do is identify 1st Tsartlip as the scut group you are affiliated with, and we will get a portion of the monies raised.

There seems to be a problem with the Scout Coffee fundraiser right now - we will post an update when it is working.


1st Tsartlip Scouts
Guide and Scout Hall
9732 Third St
Sidney BC
(250) 656-5616