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Mailing Lists

We have set up some mailing lists to facilitate email communications. These lists are closed - meaning that all people must be approved by the list administrator before they are added to the list, and that only members on each list can send to that list. If the email you are using is not a member of the list, then it will be unable to send emails to the list without intervention - this is being done to prevent external spam. 

Mailing Lists:

*   (for communication with Beaver parents)

*   (for communication with Cub parents)

*   (for communication with Scout parents)

*  (for communication with Venturer parents)

There are also 'leader' lists of just the leaders for each unit (beavers.leaders@..., cubs.leaders@..., scouts.leaders@..., venturers.leaders@...). These lists are meant for internal discussions amongst the unit leaders. These lists are also closed; if a non-member (such as a parent) sends to one of these lists, the message will be help pending moderator approval. Again, this is being done to prevent spamming the mailing lists.


Send an email from the email account you will be using to with a subject of 'subscribe' (no quotes). eg:

   subject: subscribe

All subscriptions must be approved by a list adminisrator.


You can unsubscribe at any time. Send an email to with a subject of 'unsubscribe' (no quotes). eg:

   subject: unsubscribe

Getting Help:

You can get help on mailing list commands by sending an email to with a subject of 'help' (no quotes). eg:

   subject: help

A short note on etiquette: Please be respectful on all emails sent to the lists; use the same courtesy and civility that you would use talking to a person face-to-face. Spamming or inapproapriate behaviour may result in removal from the lists.


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