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Frequently Asked Questions

We are setting up a Frequently Asked Questions section. If you have a question that you think others may me interested in, and it should go here, please email

Unfortunately, the 1st Tsartlip Group itself lacks the financial resources to directly provide financial assistance. However, there are a couple of programs available that may provide assistance, notably the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program, and Scouts Canada's No One Left Behind. Please note that it is the responsibility of the youth's parents to apply directly, and in sufficient time. Additional links and information are available on the Registrations page.

How can I change the email address that I am subscribed with on one or more of the SidneyScouts mailing lists?


There is a webpage available to do this. Firstly, you must know:

- the name of the mailing list you are subscribed to (eg:
- the email address the you are currently subscribed with (eg:
- the password associated with your account (the system should send out monthly reminders of your password); if not, then you will have to reset your password first

Next, open a browser and type in the following URL:


   mailinglist_name is the name of the mailing list with the @ replaced with an underscore "_"
email_address is your email address

For example:

When you go to this page, it will ask you for your password. Enter it, and then you will be on a page where you can set options for your account. Enter your new email address at the New address: prompt, and again at the Again to confirm: prompt. Then click the Change My Address and Name button.

Note: if you check the Change globally option, it will change your email address for all lists that are associated with your old email address.


Can I send an email to one of the Sidney Scouts mailing lists if I am not a member of the list?

No. Only someone subscribed to a list can send email to it. This was done to prevent the lists from being spammed. 

If someone posts and email to the list and their 'From' address is not on the suscription list, the List Moderator will be notified and the email will be held pending review. If the Moderator deems that the email is applicable to the group he/she may decide to allow the message to be send to the group.

Note that if you post an email to the group from a different account than was used for your subscription, your email will be held for review.


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